Sunday, January 18, 2009

Serious Black at Windhamearl's Black Lodge

This is my first-ever post at Blogger, and I'm feeling a little intimidated. Kind of like the comedy club heckler who's been pulled up into the spotlight on stage and handed the microphone. I've resisted the blog thing for some time, but since necessity is the 'Mother(s) of Invention' (great band, eh?) I'm here, spouting my little heart out in the firmament of the masses.

So, a little about me- I'm a musician with a dark electronic music project called Serious Black. I also have an online store specializing in 'fringe music' (Goth, Industrial, EBM, Techno, Dark Ambient, Psychedelic, Experimental, Electronic, Noise, Exotica, Renaissance, etc.) and also eclectic books, magazines, catalogs, and other curious items. This strange emporium is oddly enough called Windhamearl's Black Lodge. I suppose those in the know will appreciate the Twin Peaks reference in the name, and the duality of 'Black' ("Black as midnight on a moonless night.")

Black Lodge 2

I have to admit that I've been much more tied up with store business than making any new music lately myself. It has become a priority to promote Windhamearl's Black Lodge not only because I need the money (and who doesn't?), but also because I retailing/distributing new product by artists in the fringe/dark music categories. Recently added to the inventory of WBL are some excellent releases by Conure and 15 Degrees Below Zero, both projects of Mark Wilson from San Francisco. Wilson has a rich background in the world of experimental/electronic/ambient/ noise music and I've recently reviewed his latest release, 'STREAM' at grey-area music site, Chain D.L. K. Yes, did I mention that I happened to be a music reviewer too?

Well, I think that's enough for now. I'm still trying to get the hang of things here, but I'm sure I'll be back again soon, spouting more stuff.

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